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Chris Evans isn’t spilling the beans on Captain America’s sex life.

In the premiere of the new Marvel series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”, Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters shares her very involved theory about the late Steve Rogers having been a virgin.

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After listening to the theory, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner claims that Rogers did actually have sex at least once.

“Steve Rogers is not a virgin,” he says in the episode. “He lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.”

On Twitter, Evans reacted to the scene with a cryptic series of laughing emojis followed by an emoji with its mouth zipped shut.

Ruffalo responded to the tweet, writing, “Sorry bro. It was under extreme duress.”

Co-star Jameela Jamil also reacted with a string of skull emojis.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the episode, Ruffalo said, “I laughed my a** off.’ I’m like, ‘Does someone need to talk to Captain America about this?’ I haven’t. I was afraid he was going to have it cut. Too late now, buddy. The cat’s out of the bag.”

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Showrunner Jessica Gao also said that her team “didn’t set out thinking that we were going to be able to answer” long-running fan questions about Captain America’s virginity.

“It used to just be a running joke, that it’s going to be a lifelong obsession for Jen, that this is the one thing that keeps her awake at night,” she said. “It actually used to be in the show a lot more, where in every episode there would be some little reminder, like you’d see that her search history was this, and she was always in asides talking to other characters where everybody’s reaction was like, ‘She’s talking about this again.’”

Gao offered more detail in an interview with io9 (via The Hollywood Reporter), revealing that it was Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief creative officer, who was responsible.

“Kevin was really into that joke and he actually was the one who volunteered the answer to that question,” said Gao. “I couldn’t believe that we got to definitively settle that issue once and for all.”


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