By Brent Furdyk.

Chris Evans dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Friday night, and accepted a challenge to play a game of dodge basketball — appropriate, given that the show has been featuring its annual “Game Day” episodes during the NBA Finals.

As the name suggests, dodge basketball melds dodgeball with basketball, with host Jimmy Kimmel and Evans each given 30 seconds to make as many free throws as they can while a group of “vicious children” hurl rubber balls at them.

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Kimmel was up first, managing to put the ball in the hoop just once. When it was Evans’ turn, however, he proved his worthiness as an Avenger by obliterating Kimmel’s attempt, easily winning by sinking four baskets.

Earlier in the show, Evans sat down to discuss his new role in Disney+ feature “Lightyear,” and revealed his most dunked-on tweet.


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