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Cheryl Burke is ready to turn the page on a new chapter in her life, following her recent split from Matthew Lawrence and her exit from “Dancing With the Stars” after 26 seasons.

Burke made that clear during the latest edition of her “Burke in the Game” podcast, in which she was joined by “Millionaire Matchmaker” host and matchmaker extraordinaire Patti Stanger.

“I am ready to date,” Burke declared at the top of the podcast. “Let’s just cut the B.S., I need to get out there, because I haven’t been on one date since I’ve been separated, divorced, whatever,” she explained.

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“I think it’s at least time to sext somebody,” Burke quipped.

Meanwhile, Burke also discussed her “divorce” from “Dancing With the Stars”.

“It’s hit me in so many difference ways,” she said, but admitted she still hasn’t had time to process saying goodbye to her television home of 17 years.

In fact, she added, she hasn’t “been able to grieve my competition life” now that she’s moving on from her career as a dancer.

While there’s currently nobody on the horizon romantically speaking, Burke reveals that she did indulge in a “little flirtation with someone” on the most recent “DWTS” season, although she declined to name any names.

According to Burke, this was “the first in-person, flirty thing happening since my divorce,” but when it ultimately resulted in “crickets” she decided to let it be — instead of what she would have done in the past, which would have been to pull out all the stops to let him know she was interested.

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“I just said, ‘So be it. You know how to get ahold of me, you know where I am,’ and there was just nothing,” she said of how her approach to men has matured.

“And normally I’d be so heartbroken because I’d have made up this crazy reality in my head, but I just let it go,” she added. “And I was really proud of myself.”


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