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Chelsea Handler is calling out her old high school over political disagreements.

The comedian took over for Jimmy Kimmel as a guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday and immediately took shots at the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, putting abortion rights in jeopardy.

“Last night, I mentioned that I had three abortions in high school,” Handler opened her monologue. “Do you know what men on the internet had to say about that? I don’t because I don’t give an f–k.”

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The crowd erupted in applause at her words. She then revealed that not everyone was as happy with her decision to speak out against the change.

“I recently found out that my high school in New Jersey, Livingston High School, is refusing to induct me into their alumni hall of fame,” Handler explained. “Jason Alexander and Chris Christie made it, but not me.””

Not one to take the offence sitting down, Handler decided to spin it into a hilarious online campaign.

“Apparently, the school is upset about how much I talk about my abortions, so I’ve decided to start a grassroots campaign,” she continued. “You should donate to Planned Parenthood, and then march, and then vote, but after you’re done with that, go online and tweet a message to the school district for my alma mater @LivSchools. Let them know how you feel about this gross injustice and use the hashtag #Hall4Handler.”

“Have fun with it. Make me proud,” Handler added. “Livingston High, the hall is in your court.”

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Livingston has responded to her claims in a statement to People.

“Ms. Handler’s statements regarding Livingston Public Schools refusing to induct her into Livingston High School’s Hall of Fame are false,” it said. “We are saddened that Ms. Handler would use her platform to amplify a political message at the expense of our school community.”

They claimed that the comedian’s team had reached out to the school previously about being inducted, but after deciding against a solo induction informed them that a formal nomination process needed to be held.

“Following several email exchanges with Ms. Handler’s staff in February/March about how the district could honour her and extended conversations with LEF leaders, the district clearly communicated to her staff that she would be considered by the LEF the next time candidates are reviewed,” the statement read. “The district has reached back out to Ms. Handler’s representatives to find out if they can shed some light on the basis for Ms. Handler’s false statements. They have not yet responded to our emails.”


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