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Friday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” featured a special treat for fans of Charlie Puth, who participated in a hidden-camera prank dubbed “Undercover Sing”.

For the bit, Puth is situated behind a hidden door in a coffee shop as customers come in and place their orders.

First up is Jay, who places an order and takes a seat. Puth, accompanying himself on a keyboard, is piped into the coffee shop’s sound system, where he sings a jingle for “Java Jukebox Radio.”

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As Jay listens, Puth begins making observations about his tie-dyed hoodie and “amazing hair,” and then offers Jay special instructions, in song, to “move to the left and move to the right,” then instructing to “stand up and spin around,” then “shake your behind like you’re not afraid.”

Puth then emerges from behind a hidden door, suggesting that Jay also have a sandwich to go with the Chai latte that was ordered, as Jay’s eyes bulge in surprise. After Puth returns behind the door, Jay is in shock.

“Did you just cry into your sandwich?” Puth’s voice asks Jay through the speakers.

Charlie Puth Visits The Love Doctor In New Music Video ‘Left And Right’ Featuring BTS’ Jungkook 

Next up is a woman named Kate, who asks for oat milk in her order.

The person behind the counter, however, informs her that they’ve run out of oat milk, something that Puth’s voice confirms in song.

“Kate, I’m so sorry we’re out, I;m so sorry we’re out… out… of oat milk…” he sings, while Kate looks around, puzzled, before Puth strolls out to offer her a container of oat milk.

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Then another customer enters, sporting multi-coloured dreadlocks, who is informed about the special “Coffee-oke” promotion, in which customers who sing one of Puth’s songs receive a free muffin.

He proceeds to sing lyrics from Puth’s “Marvin Gaye”, but is shocked when the voice of Puth himself joins in, singing, “I really like the colour of your hair, what kind of muffin do you want?”



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