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Celine Dion’s fans are coming to her defense.

The singer’s fans were outraged when the multiple Grammy-winning artist was excluded from The Rolling Stone‘s The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time list. They were so incensed, a group of fans took to carrying picket signs and protesting in front of the outlet’s office.

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The Rolling Stone reports fans sang and carried signs that read “How Can You Forget Celine?”, “The Power of Celine,” “Justice for Celine,” “Celine Is No Longer By Herself,” and “Rolling Stone Is Stoned”.

The group appear to be organized under the name the Red Heads, a fan group for Dion who operate on the Instagram account @celinedionaddicts_official.

French Canadian broadcaster Julie Snyder also appeared among the group, holding a microphone.

Celine Dion Reveals She’s Been Diagnosed With Very Rare Neurological Disorder Called Stiff-Person Syndrome

“She’s won Oscar, Grammy, American Music Awards,” Snyder told Rolling Stone’s Ilana Woldenberg. “You forgot her! You’re stoned guys, it’s OK!”

Singers named on the list include Ozzy Osbourne, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Adele, and Beyoncé among others.


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