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While the ballroom was filled with impressive costumes and performances on Monday night’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars”, the show’s judge Carrie Ann Inaba especially sparkled in honour of Disney+ week.

“Personally, I always love Disney night as Disney is about the wonder and possibilities in the world,” Inaba tells ET. “Dressing up like a princess has always been about expressing your potential as a person, celebrating all your uniqueness and I love that.”

Inaba was complete Disney royalty in a beautiful gold threaded Nadine Merabi gown that was picked out for her by stylist Rhonda Spies. She paired the look with a diamond accessories and a tiara.

ABC/Christopher Willard
ABC/Christopher Willard

Hairstylist Glenn Nutley tells ET that for Disney + night he went with “a monochromatic look with tones of gold” to offset Inaba’s gold gown and tiara. Her hair was coloured “champagne blonde” to complete the look and was prepped with Maximista thickening spray and blown out with Harry Josh Pro tools pro dryer 2000 and finished with the Oribe 1 impermeable anti humidity spray.

As for the makeup department, artist Marylin Lee Spiegel says she kept the makeup “very neutral” so as not to overdo it with the sparkling tiara and jewelry. She used Tarte Shape Tape concealer to highlight Inaba’s skin and Danessa Myricks Lightworks Vol II palette on cheek and collarbones for an added glow. To make Inaba’s eyes pop, Spiegel used browns and golds from the Tarte Maneater shadow palette and used Kiss Fa-boo-lous Lash in Helena to give her bold eyelashes.


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