Georgina Cole Library in Carlsbad. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Beginning Thursday, the Carlsbad City Library is eliminating late fees for overdue items as part of the library’s efforts to ensure the library remains easy to use and accessible.

The change means that fines for overdue items will be forgiven, including any outstanding fines, for all items that are returned back to the library. Fees for lost or damaged items and interlibrary loans will still apply.

“The Carlsbad City Library aims to be accessible and open to as many members of the community as possible and doing away with late fines is an important part of our efforts,” said Deputy Library Director Sheila Crosby. “We’re thrilled to announce this change, knowing it will encourage more people to engage with the library and benefit from its essential materials and services.”

In 2019, the National Library Association passed a resolution stating that imposing monetary fines creates a barrier to library and information services. Penalties like fines for overdue items disproportionately impact vulnerable populations who need library resources, the resolution reads.

After 28 days, overdue items will be marked as lost and the cardholder will be billed for the item’s cost, plus processing fees. When a lost item is returned, any associated bills will be canceled. Existing fees for lost or damaged items, interlibrary loans and accounts referred to collections will still need to be paid or resolved.

Users are encouraged to contact their local library location to ensure their contact information is up to date. The library will provide two courtesy notifications when items are overdue.

For more information, go to https://library.carlsbadca.gov/our- library/fines-fees.

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