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Cardi B is back with her brand new single “Hot S**t”.

The singer speaks about the track, which features Kanye West and Lil Durk, in a new interview with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1, sharing the story behind it.

Cardi B Drops Fiery New Single ‘Hot S**t’ With Kanye West And Lil Durk

Cardi says, “This song been in the vault for a minute. It’s a he because for some reason I be thinking some songs just have genders. It’s weird. So the song is a boy.

“And this song, I think, is a little bit older than ‘WAP’ I think I recorded this song around 2019 around there. So I’ve been having this song for a minute. Everybody always loved this record, but I always feel like this record’s so masculine. I don’t know if people want to hear that from me…”

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Cardi also talks about working with West on the song, telling Lowe of the rapper: “It’s almost like a persona, but kind of not. Let’s say if he believes in something, right? And you’ll be like, ‘Do you really believe in this? Because you just want to be different or do you really believe in it because…?’

“And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I really believe in it.’ But he got his reasons why he believe in it. And when he give you this reasons, you’ll be like, ‘Oh, okay. That does make sense. I get it. I get why you think like that. I get why you feel that way. I understand where you’re coming from.’

“You know what I’m saying? When he explain it to you, you’ll be like, ‘All right. All right, I get it now.’ So it’s just a balance. He’s really like a balance,” the star, who insists she wishes people knew the real West, says.

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