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Cardi B went to Kim Kardashian for plastic surgery advice.

The rapper spoke to the “Jason Lee Podcast” in an episode that aired this week, with him asking her about having work done.

Cardi, who used to be close friends with Kardashian, admitted she regrets getting fillers in her nose because it made the tip longer.

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She then had a nose job in 2020, with her telling the host: “There’s some fillers on my nose and I f**ked up!”

Lee went on, “OK, so how do you decide who you’re going to trust to touch your face and your body?

“Because I remember the time we were at Kris’ [Jenner] house and Kim gave you a list of people you could call and get help. You didn’t call none of those people, you just did it at home?”

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Cardi, who appears to be an open book in terms of talking about the surgery she’s had, insisted: “No, I called a couple of people that she gave me.”

The musician’s comments come after Kardashian insisted in an interview with Allure last year that she’d only got “a little bit of Botox” in her face.

She assured the reporter, “No filler. Never filled either one (lips or cheeks), ever.”


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