By Corey Atad.

Cardi B won’t stand for anyone using her daughter to insult her.

On Friday, after speaking out about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Cardi came in for a lot of trolling, but one person in particular caught her ire.

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A Twitter had referenced her 3-year-old daughter Kulture, with husband Offset, which set Cardi off, implying that the user’s mother should have had an abortion.

When a user responded that Kulture is “literally autistic,” Cardi slammed them, saying, “My daughter is not autistic…You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her” with something.

Another user suggested that Cardi was acting like a “miserable child,” Cardi once again responded, “Don’t bring my kids up on s**t.”

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While most were supportive of Cardi calling out the tweets, some did point out that autism shouldn’t be considered an insult anyway.


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