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The California Energy Commission has approved a $2.9 billion investment plan to accelerate the state’s 2025 electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling goals.

The investment, announced Wednesday, will result in 90,000 new EV chargers across the state, more than doubling the 80,000 chargers already installed, the energy commission said.

The largest portion of the spending will be $1.7 billion for heavy-duty chargers for trucks and buses as fleets transition from diesel engines to electric motors.

The plan also includes $90 million for new hydrogen fueling stations, though no specifics were released about new locations. San Diego County has only one hydrogen fueling station which has been at capacity with long lines for two years.

“This transformative investment will deploy charging and refueling infrastructure swiftly and equitably to make sure drivers of zero-emission cars and trucks feel confident they can refuel wherever they go,” said Commissioner Patty Monahan.

“The plan will increase access to charging and hydrogen fueling for individuals, businesses and public agencies,” she said. “Most importantly, it provides critical funding to support the move away from dirty trucks and buses that have burdened our most vulnerable communities for too long.”

Combined with funding from utilities and other EV charging programs, the new investment is expected to ensure California achieves its goal to deploy 250,000 chargers by 2025.

In September, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved electric vehicle charging station plans for all 50 states, Washington and Puerto Rico covering about 75,000 miles of highways.

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill provides $5 billion to help states install EV chargers along interstate highways over five years.

Reuters contributed to this article.


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