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BTS continues to rocket into the music stratosphere as fans make impending contact with Jin’s “The Astronaut”.

Jin — one of the seven members of the ultra-popular South Korean boy band BTS — is finalizing plans for the release of a new solo single. The musical artist will release “The Astronaut” on Oct. 28 through the K-pop group’s BIGHIT MUSIC label.

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Poster for BTS member Jin's "The Astronaut"
Poster for BTS member Jin’s “The Astronaut”
— Photo: BIGHIT

“As ‘The Astronaut’ expresses Jin’s fondness for his fans, ARMY, the song is meant to be a gift for the fans,” a press release for the song explains. “The logo trailer shows a journey of an astronaut who takes a spacewalk through unsettling space and reaches a glimmering place.”

Jin will unveil “The Astronaut” poster on Oct. 20. Concept photos will be released between Oct. 24 and Oct. 26 ahead of the music video teaser release on Oct. 27.

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BTS will be on hiatus between late 2022 and 2025 as various members of the group complete South Korea’s required military service.


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