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Back in 2015, Bryan Cranston was doing an onstage Q&A at Nerd HQ when a fan at the event asked him about his experience shooting “Breaking Bad” in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“I grew up in Albuquerque,” the fan said nervously “Was there any cool places that you liked? How’d you like it? Did you have fun there?!”

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Cranston, a devilish look overtaking him, responded.

“Yeah, I’d go and visit your mother every once in a while,” he quipped before literally dropping the mic.

The exchange went viral (even though the fan admitted the actor’s response was “a little mean”) , and BuzzFeed caught up with Cranston to ask him about it, nearly seven years later.

“In its time, in its place, in its context, it made sense,” Cranston explained, before being asked whether the fan had been “f**king with” him with prior to asking his question.

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“No!” Cranston declared. “It was a guy who was asking a sincere question, and I was just messing with him.”

Added Cranston: “Then, afterward, I gave him a hug and said, ‘Thanks for your question.’ He wasn’t offended by it.”


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