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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson had some strong words for a fan who lit a flare during the band’s recent concert in Athens, Greece.

Iron Maiden was in Greece while on their Legacy of the Beast tour, a tour that had been delayed for three years due to the pandemic. As Consequence of Sound reports, the group was performing at the Olympic Stadium in Athens on Saturday when the unidentified fan ignited a flare during the beginning of Iron Maiden’s hit, “The Number of the Beast.”

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Dickinson, known for speaking his mind, spotted the flare and at first ad-libbed over the song’s lyrics, singing, “What did I see? A c**t with a f**king flare!” The crowd’s laughter at the quip quickly faded as Dickinson launched into a furious tirade aimed at the fan.

“I’ve got to sing up here!” the rocker shouted from stage. “You f**king c**ksucker. You Greek c**t. I’ve got to f**king sing, right? F**k you!”

The moment was captured on video by a fan at the venue.

According to Classic Rock, Dickinson exited the stage after his outburst though he did later return to complete his set.

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Iron Maden’s Legacy of the Beat tour will arrive in North America on September 7 as the band plays Mexico City. They’ll continue their run up until October 27 when they’ll perform in Tampa, Florida.


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