By Corey Atad.

A lot of people have been saying Brendan Fraser’s name wrong this whole time.

Last week, “The Whale” star sat down for an “Actors on Actors” video for Variety with his old “Airheads” co-star Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler Explains Why He Had To Fight For Brendan Fraser To Be Cast In ‘Airheads’

“When I first met Brendan Fraser… that’s your full name right? Brendan Fraser?” Sandler asked, jokingly.

But Fraser actually decided to correct his pronunciation, telling him, “It’s Fraser,” explaining it rhymes with “razor.”

He joked to the bearded Sandler, “You should try standing closer to it.”

“I didn’t even know this happened,” Sandler laughed. “This is two days of not shaving.”

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Fraser is hardly the first celebrity to correct a longstanding mispronunciation of their name, with Chrissy Teigen being among the most surprising.

Back in 2018, she revealed in a video on Twitter that her last name is actually pronounced like “tie-gen,” rather than the commonly used “tee-gen.”

She later appeared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, confirming the real pronunciation, but explaining that she is the one who let the mispronunciation go on for over two decades.

“It’s been 25 years, I’m tired of correcting people,” she said.


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