By Anita Tai.

Season 4 of “Doom Patrol” is getting wackier than ever.

HBO Max released the teaser trailer for the new season of the show on Sunday. The ragtag group of super-powered heroes find themselves up against an enemy they’ve never seen before: killer butts.

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“Daddy’s home, s**t-lickers!” announces Brendan Fraser’s Robotman in the short trailer.

The new season follows the group as they accidentally travel to the future.

Fresh off of his electric performance in “The Whale”, Fraser stars in the ensemble show alongside Matt Bomer as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Jovian Wade as Cyborg, and Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge.

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Each member of the oddball group faced a horrible accident in their past which gave them their powers.

Fraser’s Robotman was previously a race car driver who had his brain placed in a robot after an unfortunate accident.

Season 4 of “Doom Patrol” airs on Dec. 8.


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