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Brad Pitt had quite the odd job before becoming a household name.

While promoting “Babylon” with director Damien Chazelle, Pitt shared a tiny look into his past before all of the fame.

While speaking with The Associated Press, Pitt discussed whether he would ever make a movie about his life.

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“Oh f–k, would I hate that,” remarked the Hollywood heavyweight. “There’s no way to get it right.”

The acclaimed star, 59, then discussed his past as a struggling actor who hopped around different odd jobs until achieving his big break in “Thelma and Louise” in 1991.

During what he calls his “mullet days,” one of those jobs was driving strippers around to their exotic dancing destinations.

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“Many odd jobs, one of them was driving strippers to their parties. Early days, I still had a mullet.”

The job was apparently pivotal to getting Pitt to where he is now, as he explained how he met an essential connection through one of the dancers during the stint.

“The first person I met who knew an actor, the young lady I was driving that night,” added Pitt.

“It was my last day; I’d quit. It was dark. It was dark. And anyway, he said, ‘One more night,’ and I said, ‘You got it.’ And I met this person who pointed me in the right direction.”


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