By Shakiel Mahjouri.

Brad Pitt is reportedly living life the best he can.

Pitt is keeping himself busy amid ongoing legal disputes with his ex Angelina Jolie. The two-time Oscar-winning actor is reportedly casually dating, spending time with his children, and promoting his new movie “Bullet Train”.

“He has a large group of artsy friends in L.A. that he hangs out with,” an insider told People. “He’s dating but is not in a serious relationship.

“Brad has dinner with his younger kids when they are all in L.A. Since the kids are older now, they have their own life and friends. Brad still has a pretty good relationship with them.”

Pitt, 58, has other pursuits to occupy his attention.

“Brad has his movies, he has Miraval and he has these other [passions],” the source said. “He loves architecture, he loves creativity. He’s living his best life under the circumstances.”

“He’s really enjoying Miraval and always poured the profits back into it.”

Digging deep into acting projects has also reportedly been therapeutic for Pitt.

“Brad is having a great time promoting ‘Bullet Train’,” the insider said. “It was a great project for him to film after months of COVID lockdown. The shooting schedule was intense and challenging for him. He loved it. He feels great about the movie.”

Pitt stars alongside Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, Bad Bunny, Sandra Bullock, and Zazie Beetz, among others. It premieres Aug. 5.



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