Billie Eilish put her stomach to the test while playing “Spill the Tea” with James Corden during the latest installment of “The Late Late Show”, filmed in the TV host’s London hometown.

The risky game saw Corden and Eilish taking turns to ask each other personal questions.

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The players were then given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever British “treat” or “tea” is in front of them.

Some of the concoctions on offer included congealed scotch egg, pickled Irish tea and a flaming hot scone.

Eilish managed to avoid the disgusting fare when asked to show Corden her last three DMs.

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After handing over her phone, the host found some lovely and supportive messages from stars like Rita Ora and Hailey Bieber.

However, when it came to revealing the worst celebrity she has ever met, Eilish opted out of naming names.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot,” she admitted.

Eilish then gagged and heaved while she attempted to tuck into a repulsive marmite and red cabbage sandwich.

“Billie Eilish everyone, come on,” added Corden.


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