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Bethenny Frankel is bringing the bite to Kim Kardashian once again.

Frankel shaded the fashion and media mogul in the comment section of Gywneth Paltrow’s Instagram post praising the Kardashian’s appearance on her “Goop” podcast.

Paltrow explained her fascination for the reality star and fashionista in the Instagram post caption.

“@kimkardashian is fascinating to the world, we know this. For me she is fascinating because she challenges so many ideas of what a woman is supposed to be, and how she is supposed to look and behave while doing it.”

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Frankel, known not to be supportive of the Kardashian-Jenner family, snuck in a shady jab: “I mean LOL.”

The comment received thousands of likes, and many other scathing comments below wondered why Kardashian even appeared on Paltrow’s podcast.

Many fans were confused with the trajectory of the podcast’s content.

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“I thought goop was about wellness, holistic approaches… im confused 😕 or am I just figuring out goop is just a facade of Hollywood too?” one fan complained.

“I love how celebrities are trying to go on podcasts now. Like ‘look, I’m one of you!’ No, you’re not. And you clearly know your rule is coming to close. Go out gracefully ✌🏻,” another commenter wrote.

“The Real Housewives of New York” alum has never shied away from voicing her brutally honest thoughts about the Kardashian family. In the past few months alone, the TV personality has called out Kim for a flurry of controversies, including her “destructive” Photoshop use and alleged involvement in a fake lottery scam.


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