A soccer tracker (also known as soccer GPS tracker) is a wearable sports sensor device that captures data and analyzes your game of soccer or football using metrics such as fitness, accuracy, activity, trajectory or speed. This researched guide will help you choose the best soccer GPS tracker and football GPS tracker available right now to improve your game.

Measuring, recording and developing your performance through various metrics is crucial to the taking your game to the next level. In order to effectively enhance your soccer skills to the next level, you need to know which areas you should focus your training efforts on. That’s why soccer trackers and football performance trackers are extremely useful in situations like this where it almost tells you your weak-points and strong-points.

1. CAPAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker

CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker is an innovative wearable vest that functions as a soccer and football performance tracker. This innovative device is a FIFA authorized GPS tracker designed to improve your soccer performance by analyzing your fitness, distance, strength and overall performance.

  • Details your speed, sprint, distance, power, load & intensity data and positioning via heat-maps
  • Compares your numbers against friends, the competition and professional players to see how you match up
  • Transforms your preparation, performance and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from Premier League coaches.
SmartPod for Soccer Tracker

The ‘SmartPod’

Small, lightweight and charged wirelessly, the SmartPod combines an advanced GPS tracker with an accelerometer, allowing you to measure your key stats including total distance, top speed, power plays, sprint distance, load, intensity and heat maps.

SmartVest for Soccer Tracker

The ‘SmartVest’

Made from a four-way flex and ultra compressive fabric to provide exceptional durability, fit and comfort. The ergonomically designed pocket securely holds the SmartPod between the shoulder blades whilst you play.

PLAYR App soccer tracker


The soccer tracker system comes with an easy-to-use and straightforward mobile app which allows you to sync your sessions, quickly view your performance data, and learn how to improve your game from every angle

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2. STATSports Soccer GPS Tracker

STATSports Soccer GPS Tracker is a leading tracking device used by famous players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba and Mo Salah. This smart vest-orientated innovation has the ability to track GPS data, heart rate, distance, speed, sprints and allows live data of your soccer and football training to be shared with friends and team mates.

Some of the metrics and stats that it can capture include:

  • Max Speed – Maximum speed you reach during the session in m/s, km/h, or mph. Tracking your max speed on a session-by-session basis can help increase your game speed by 2.3%.
  • Total Distance – Total distance covered during the session. Units can be configured to meters, kilometres, or miles. Your total distance can vary, depending on what position you play.
  • Sprints – A total count of the number of sprints achieved in your session. Tracking your high-intensity efforts is important for maximising performance and avoiding injury.
  • Heatmaps – Mapping feature that displays your position on the field, where you can see where you’ve done most of your running
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3. First11 Advanced Soccer Tracker

First 11 Soccer Tracker is an advanced dual-sensor training system that measures and tracks soccer and football metrics including kicks, movement, speed, calories, power and more. Due to its current popularity, it is used by amateurs and semi-professionals all over Europe

  • Dual Sensor System – Each order includes two soccer tracker sensors that can be worn on one or both legs to track data, giving players and coaches a more in-depth analysis over their players’ skills and fitness.
  • User-Friendly App – The soccer sensors also include a smartphone app that players or coaches can use to measure time spent walking, running, or sprinting, number of kicks per foot, distance run, results over time, and performance comparisons.
  • Lightweight, Compact, Safe – They’ve included two elastic bans to keep the sensors in place, a built-in accumulator with 4-5 charges, and a water-resistant design to protect data even on a wet pitch. They also transmit data wirelessly up to 10’
  • Long-Lasting Data Capture – These sensors are great for kids and adults ages 12-30 years old and come with different-sized elastic bands/sleeves for better comfort. More importantly, they record data for up to 150 minutes to cover an entire game.
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A good soccer GPS tracker needs to have the ability to track fitness, performance, distance, speed, and strength. This can only be done through the proper use of accurate sensors, application systems and wearable vests and devices designed to improve your soccer and football game.

As previously indicated in this guide, soccer performance is a measure of various metrics designed to strengthen your soccer and football skills. It is crucial to understand which specific aspects of your gameplay requires enhancement and which areas of your existing abilities are at a satisfactory level.

The devices reviewed in this guide are three of the best soccer GPS trackers and football GPS trackers currently available in 2021.


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