A downspout filter is a porous filter that helps the downspout system to prevent leaf and debris from going into the underground drainage and eliminate the risk of clogging. That means they are used when the house’s gutter system goes directly into underground drains and there is no cover for the gutters. This researched guide will aim to getting you acquainted with the best downspout filter for your home in 2021.

A Downspout is a drainage system where the pipes will dispose of the
water to a place away from the gutter. It begins from the outlet of a collector
box or gutter, and then it drains to another underground drain, and from there,
it goes to the ground where it does not create issues for the house

Therefore, it is essential for you to own a downspout filter to remove any potential material that leads to clogging. With a plethora of options in the market, purchasing the one who can do your job is a challenging task

Best Downspout Filters – Reviews

After extensive research, we came across the top four downspout filter/strainer for you. In this section, you will find detailed reviews of the products along with their pros and cons to help you reach a well-informed decision.

1. InvisaFlow 4490 Downspout Filter

You would not want your drain pipes to be clogged with leaves and debris; that’s why you need a reliable downspout filter. InvisaFlow’s 4490 Downspout Filter can filter the debris and leaves even before they enter the drain pipes to cause clogging.

The durable design can fit any 2,3, and 4-inch downspouts conveniently. It can also connect with 4 inch PVC or corrugated drain pipes. In addition, the installation process is straightforward as it comes with an inbuilt connector flex, which helps you during installation.


  • Works excellent with rain barrels
  • Can deflect big leaves and debris easily
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Grate divert leaves and allow the water to pass through drains


  • The plastic cover on the front holds the debris sometimes

2. Downspout Debris Filter Strainer Gutter Leaf Guard Residential Connector

The accumulation of sludge and decaying leaves on the bottom and top of
a rain barrel is a common household problem. That’s why Downspout Debris Filter
Strainer Gutter Leaf Guard Residential Connector aims to provide a solution to
your problem.

A downspout filter strainer is your only way out to maintain the efficient functioning of your downspout drainage system. With this white flex-grate filter, the leaves and debris will remain out of your drainage pipe and does not cause clogging. In terms of appearance, the white color looks elegant in itself. Additionally, the 18-inch filter is flexible and bendable enough to fit any 2,3, and 4-inch downspouts. It can easily bend to take the shape of the drainpipes and prevent clogging.


  • Inbuilt connector flexes make it easy to install
  • Filter unwanted leaves and debris
  • Can fit any standard downspouts
  • Flexible and bendable to hold the drainpipes shape.


  • Water might splash out during heavy rainfall

3. Amerimax 4400 Black InvisaFlow Downspout Strainer/Filter

If you ever have to dig up the drainpipe to clean the clogging, you
don’t have to do that anymore. You need a downspout filter that offers you
comfort and ease for a more extended period. The Amerimax 4400 InvisaFlow
Downspout Strainer/Filter works effectively to filter out the leaves and debris
so that they don’t pass through the downspout and clog the drain pipe.

The design and appearance is something that the downspout filter boasts
of. The black color complements the modern construction and dark buildings.

The downspout filter makes use of an accordion-fold structure that is stretchable. The extension also comes with a solid connector that covers the filter.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a filter sieve
  • The stretchy and corrugated structure
  • Can fit any standard downspouts


  • Water cannot pass through the filter when clogged by debris

4. Joe Rocket Ballistic Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants

The installation of a full guard system can cost you an enormous amount;
the Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard can resolve all the drainage problems at a
fraction of the cost. The gutter guard’s design is such that it can fit any 2-3
inches downspout easily and any 5-inch standard gutter.

In terms of performance, it works to prevent any buildup of leaves.
Moreover, it makes sure that rainwater can drain effectively and efficiently
where the debris stays away from the downspout opening.

It is relatively easy to install and assemble in minutes without any requirements for additional tools.


  • The wedge design directs the leaves away from the downspout opening
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Can fit most standard downspout openings
  • It can be used for a variety of downspout


  • Cannot prevent debris from getting into the gutters

Things To Consider While Purchasing Downspout Filter

Now you know the top products for downspout filters, you think that you are ready to purchase the best one that meets your requirement. However, there are certain crucial factors and features that you must know before purchasing the downspout filter.

Types Of Downspout Protection Systems

As we know, downspouts filters are used to catch the debris draining
from the rain gutters and prevent them from flowing into the underground
drainage system. They are generally of two types: Open Downspout leaf traps and
Closed downspout leaf traps.

Open Downspout Leaf Traps

They are usually made of metal or plastic; the leaf catchers come with a
sloped filter where the debris and leaves are collected. The advantage of
having these leaf traps is that you can clearly check when it is filthy. That
is why they are easy to clean and maintain.

Closed Downspout Leaf Traps

The Closed Downspout Leaf traps are metal inline clean-outs designed
like a box kept inside the basket to collect the debris. They come with a large
capacity to store the debris compared to open models, due to which they do not
require much maintenance.

Both the options work well with 2-3 inch standard corrugated downspouts.
However, you can find the inline clean-outs for custom-made and rounded
downspouts in zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel.

Types Of Gutter Protection System

The downspout gutter protection system is of two types, wedges, and
strainers. Depending on the type of downspout you have installed in your home,
you can select among the two options which fit them well.


Strainers are made from copper, aluminum, or plastic. They are usually
fitted inside the gutter. The shape of the strainer can be rounded or flat. The
round strainer is widely in use in many households. 


Wedges are mainly made from plastic pieces and come in an elongated
shape. They are placed just like strainers. They comprise a sloped filter to
enable water to flow through the bottom, top, and sides of the drain.

the downspout filters are easy to install; however, they require regular
maintenance as they can end up clogging the outlet of the gutter.

Final Thoughts

Having a downspout filter can solve your most challenging problems
related to downspout clogging. You can find many different products with a
diverse and unique design but having one common function. That is to keep the
debris and leaves away from clogging your underground drainage system.

It is crucial to keep the debris buildup under check and maintenance of downspout regularly. However, if you have the best downspout filter, it will handle the most difficult task of collecting debris. We hope that you must have received an ample amount of knowledge and understanding regarding downspout filters through our reviews. 


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