By Corey Atad.

Bam Margera is back home and healthy.

On Sunday, the 43-year-old former “Jackass” star shared a post on Instagram revealing that he had been discharged from hospital, where he had been treated for pneumonia.

Bam Margera Hospitalized For Pneumonia And Placed On Ventilator After Testing Positive For COVID

“I’m out!” he wrote in the caption. “Thank you to my friends, family and you for the love, support and prayers.

Friends, including skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi commented, “F**k yes! Thank god you’re good dude!”

“So good to hear BamBam!! Take it easy my friend❤️,” wrote musician Jussi 69.

Margera was hospitalized last week and placed on a ventilator in the ICU, though he remained in stable condition throughout his stay.

Bam Margera Located After Being Reported Missing From Rehab Facility

Though he had tested positive for COVID while there, his family announced last week that he had started testing negative and was one the road to recovery.


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