By Corey Atad.

James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel is already raking in the big bucks.

According to Deadline, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, which debuted with early previews on Thursday, has already pulled in $50.4 million at the overseas box office in just two days.

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That figure doesn’t include receipts from Canada or the U.S., and also omits the $23.5 million earned in China since previews began there on Wednesday.

Despite strong interest in China, the situation in the country surrounding the end of the zero-COVID policy has resulted in estimates of a $100 million opening weekend, less than earlier predictions.

Numbers from Korea, where it has earned $9.7 million so far, were also not included in the overseas numbers.

IMAX screenings, which command a premium ticket price, were also delivering strong attendance, including in France, where it was the second-biggest opening ever in IMAX.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Sets Sail For Year’s Biggest Box Office Opening

Box office returns for North America have not yet been released, though estimates are pegging its opening weekend at up to $200 million or more.

The original “Avatar” opened at just $77 million domestically in December 2009, but held strong for weeks on end, earning $750 million by the end of its run, with $2.79 billion worldwide. Re-releases helped the film reach $2.92 billion, making it the most successful film of all time.


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