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“Avatar: The Way of Water” has marked a major milestone at the box office.

The big screen sci-fi has surpassed $550 million in global ticket sales, however, the $350 million-budgeted film sequel still has ways to go in order to break even and make a profit during its theatrical run.

James Cameron Filmed Avatar Sequels Simultaneously To Avoid ‘The ‘Stranger Things’ Effect’

Thus far, the film has remained steady at the box office. In just five days since its release, “Avatar 2” has become one of this year’s eight films to cross the half-billion mark worldwide. Tentpole is aiming to hit $1 billion by the new year.

On Tuesday, the new action-adventure flick added a solid $40.5 million internationally, as per a report by Variety. To date, its generated $387.3 million internationally, making its global sum $555.9 million.

This week, leading up to Christmas, “Avatar” is expected to pull in big numbers, however over the upcoming weekend, it’s projected to decline 40% to 50% from its $134 million debut, due to Christmas landing on Sunday. In other words, ticket sales from its second weekend in theatres are estimated be around $67 to $80 million.

‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Earns Massive $435 Million At The Global Box Office

Unfortunately, due to pandemic-related challenges imposed on the box office, “Avatar: The Way of Water” won’t come near the heights reached from its debut 2009 film- the highest-grossing movie in history ($2.92 billion globally.)


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