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Ariana DeBose got very close to Andrew Garfield during Sunday night’s Tony Awards.

The Tony’s host, 31, sat in the actor’s lap while singing a song, intentionally trying to make him uncomfortable for a funny segment during the award show telecast. While doing her hosting duties, DeBose did a bit making fun of Broadway performers who interact with members of the audience when she decided to rope Garfield into her shtick.

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“I am close to you, oh so close to you,” the Oscar-winning actress sang, reaching out to Garfield. “I am touching you / there’s not a lot that you can do,” she continued belting while touching the seemingly embarrassed star’s face before jumping into his lap and wrapping her arms around him.

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“I’m sitting on you / ’cause what they say is true / ’cause there is no escaping us in the audience!” she crooned, leaving Garfield all giggles and grins.

Unsurprisingly, the internet couldn’t seem to get enough of the moment.


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