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Ant Anstead shared new details about his interactions with ex-wife Christina Hall amid their ongoing custody battle over three-year-old son Hudson London.

On Thursday, the “Celebrity Joyride: IOU” host posted his first Instagram photo in weeks, since Hall revealed that she wasn’t going to share any more photos of their toddler online.

The Instagram carousel ironically features images of Hudson, which caused fans to react in the comments claiming that it’s “unfair” that he’s allowed to share photos of his son while Hall can’t.

Ant Anstead Says Taking Son Away From Ex-Wife Christina Hall Is The ‘Last Thing’ He Wants

One user expressed that the TV personality deserves “all the shade you get” for not having resolved things with Hudson’s mother outside of court and questioned his intentions, adding that they “feel sorry for the c**p Hudson will see when he gets older.”

Anstead replied to several comments, revealing that he wrote Hall a “private letter” one week before he filed for full custody of their son.

“He will read the private letter I wrote her on April 21st a week before I stepped up for him. She’s had 25 weeks to agree to not exploit him. She finally has x,” he wrote.

Ant Anstead Denies Exploiting Son Amid Custody Dispute: ‘Makes My Stomach Sick’

Commenters also chatted back and forth about Hall using Hudson in paid social media advertisements, to which Anstead chimed in writing, “Hudzo childhood is not for sale. As a dad I will continue to step up for him x.”

Then, another user pointed out that Hudson has appeared in branded photos on his father’s account, specifically with Radfords, a car brand that Anstead is involved with.

“No one buys a $500k supercar because hudzo was in a picture. I even kept him out the TV show (despite being asked many times),” Anstead responded.

Christina Hall Responds To Ex-Ant Anstead Wanting Full Custody Of Their Son

The motor specialist and “Wheeler Dealers” star stated that “as a parent I have no worry in shouldering the cost to protect [Hudson],” despite the “Karens” who are “sending him abuse.”

Earlier this month, Hall addressed her decision to stop sharing Hudson’s image online while accusing Anstead of using “manipulation tactics” amid their legal battle.


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