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Anna Kendrick had a little setback during her time at the Toronto International Film Festival. On Sunday, the “Pitch Perfect” actress shared that she and her team got stuck in an elevator on the way to an appearance. And lucky for the Internet, she documented the whole ordeal.

“Ah, the classic ‘I’m behind schedule at this film festival because I had to be rescued from an elevator’ excuse #TIFF22,” she wrote next to the video.

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In the clip, Kendrick makes jokes about the amount of food they have to ration and the importance of bringing a water bottle everywhere. The 37-year-old pans the camera to show the packed elevator and playfully says that she’s “just vibing” while everyone tries to figure out how to exit.

Eventually, the fire department lowers a ladder into the elevator, and Kendrick jokes about having on the perfect attire for the moment. “It’s a good thing I’m not wearing a short skirt today,” she quipped as she made her way up the ladder.

“The lord said to me, choose a long skirt, Anna”

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When Kendrick made her way out of the elevator, she told the firefighters “And I’m in love with every single one of you.”

Kendrick was at the festival to promote her new film, “Alice, Darling”. During a conversation with People and Entertainment Weekly, the “Trolls” star opened up about the incident.

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“I got out. Some lovely Canadian firefighters had me crawl out the top of the hatch,” she said.

“But, yeah, it was, like, seven of us in an elevator just waiting to be rescued by firefighters. It was so absurd that it would happen on a film press tour that it just seemed so immediately comical.”

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