By Shakiel Mahjouri.

Anitta and Missy Elliot are bringing you to the “Lobby”.

Brazilian pop superstar Anitta and iconic rapper Elliot teamed up for a new collaboration released on Thursday. The track spearheads the Deluxe Edition of Annita’s Versions of Me. Anitta sings over a thumping bassline and disco beat; meanwhile, Elliot delivers double entendres for days.

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“Kiss me from the roof to the lobby,” Anitta sings.

Anitta is the first female Brazilian solo act to perform at Coachella and is the first Latin solo artist to reach No. 1 on the Spotify Daily Global 100 courtesy of “Envolver”. The song is the highest-charting single on the Billboard 100 by a Brazilian soloist this century.

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Version of Me (Deluxe Edition) drops on Aug. 25.


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