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The show must go on!

On Wednesday night, Andy Cohen burned his hand during a “Watch What Happens Live” commercial break, but that wasn’t going to stop him from doing his job.

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Returning from the ad break, Cohen told viewers, “Welcome back to ‘Watch What Happens Live’I’m Andy Cohen in the clubhouse where one could drink too much and make an inappropriate statement, or they could grab Carol Brooks’s curling iron with their hands during the commercial break and burn themselves, which is what I just did.”

He continued, “Oh boy. I am in pain. I’m not kidding you,” explaining that, because he didn’t know how to operate a curling iron, he had grabbed the wrong end while trying to move it out of the way.

Cohen went on with the show, holding ice over his hand on-air.

Viewers were impressed by the host’s professionalism in continuing the show despite the injury.

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That wasn’t the only trouble Cohen encountered that day, sharing with followers in an Instagram Story earlier on Wednesday his unfortunate experience in a taxi.

“You simply cannot believe the smell in this cab,” he posted. “I truly think there is a dead animal in this car…. Ok I am just sharing to pass the time and take my mind off this smell.”

Later he shared, “UPDATE: he took me the wrong way and we are in a huge fight. This is not going well.”


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