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Amy Schumer is feeling great.

This week, the comedian is on the new episode of “The Checkup with Dr. David Agus” and in it she opens up about getting surgery for endometriosis.

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“You tell someone you get really bad cramps, and they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s being a woman, ‘ and you’re like, ‘no, it’s irregular.’ I’ve been in so much pain, you know, my whole life — not just the week of my period. It’s during ovulation. I would hopefully get a good week a month where I wasn’t in pretty significant pain, still trying to achieve, still trying to go through life. It’s been really difficult,” she said of the struggle with the disease.

In 2021, she underwent hysterectomy and an appendectomy in order to treat the disease, and the results, she explained, were amazing.

“I felt like a new person. It was incredible,” Schumer said. “I feel like someone lifted this veil that had been over me and I just felt like a different person and like a new mom.”

The one real tradeoff for not feeling pain anymore was being left with surgical scars, but as Schumer said, “I think scars are cool.”

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It wasn’t the first time Schumer had opened up about her endometriosis struggle, posting about her surgery on Instagram as she went through it in 2021.


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