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The audience on “America’s Got Talent” gives a standing ovation to Amanda Mammana’s amazing audition.

The 19-year-old from Connecticut shared her powerful story on the newest episode of the talent competition show. Mammana lives with a speech impediment that music helps her with.

“As you can probably tell I have a bit of a speech impediment. It was definitely something that caused me to shy away and to hide,” she said. “But I found that I don’t stutter when I sing.”

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The young songwriter chose to audition with an original song about her struggles throughout her life.

“It’s just about hard times and if I could go back and change those things I wouldn’t, because they made me, me,” she explained.

As she began strumming her guitar on stage, she sang the powerful lyrics she wrote which brought everyone to tears.

“But what if I could go back in time/And change the way I felt about my life/But then would I still have inside/Everything that brought me back to life,” she sang.

At the end of her performance, the judges were blown away and everyone stood up to give her a thunderous applause.

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“Good enough doesn’t explain what we just heard,” Howie Mandell praised. “It’s not only good, it’s great. Look how you’re moving this audience.”

“You spoke to us very honestly about the issues you have with your speech,” added Simon Cowell. “It’s terrifying auditioning when you don’t have an issue like that, and then you were amazing. I mean your voice is so pure, so beautiful and also you’re a good songwriter and an incredible person. I’m so happy you came here.”

The teenager grew teary-eyed at the praise and shared an embrace with someone who came to support her backstage.


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