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Alison Brie opens about the project cancellation that broke her heart.

Speaking with Decider about her upcoming movie “Spin Me Round”, she also looked back at her prolific career and her various projects.

The actress has starred in many TV shows from “Community” to “Mad Men”, but it was her turn on the wrestling drama “G.L.O.W.” that was the most memorable for her.

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“I loved working on it – maybe more than anything I’ve worked on! – and I miss it a lot. But I feel very grateful for the time I had on the show,” she recalled fondly.

The show explored the world of women’s wrestling, with Brie in the starring role of Ruth Wilder. It ran from 2017 – 2019 for three seasons before being cancelled by Netflix in 2020.

“It’s the great heartbreak of my career. But it will forever live on as, like, this great thing,” she said of the cancellation. “Yeah, it was surprising! But it was sort of eclipsed by the shock of everything that was happening globally. [Laughs] You know, so in a way it was almost like it put things in perspective.”

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While her newest project “Spine Me Round” is a romcom, Brie isn’t done with the world of television yet.

“I love working in television. I’m always looking for the next TV thing,” she added.


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