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Alec Baldwin says he’s just been “fired” from an acting job because of the controversy surrounding his role in the accidental shooting on the set of “Rust”, saying that the whole experience has “taken years off” his life.

In an interview with CNN that aired on Friday, Aug. 19, Baldwin addressed the fallout to his career after a prop gun he held, not knowing it had been loaded with live ammunition instead of blanks, fired and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins; her widower is suing the production company behind “Rust”, with Baldwin named as one of the respondents in the suit.

“I got fired from another job yesterday,” Baldwin told CNN. “There I was all set to go to a movie, jump on a plane… I’ve been talking with these guys for months and they told me yesterday we don’t want to do the film with you because of this.”

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He also commented on Donald Trump telling his social media followers that Balwin “probably shot her on purpose.”

“There is just this torrent of people attacking me who don’t know the facts,” he said, admitting the stress he’s been under “has taken years off my life.”

He credited wife Hilaria Baldwin. “If I didn’t have my wife, I don’t know where I would be right now,” he said. “If I didn’t have her, I probably would have quit, retired, gone off, you know sold everything I owned, got a house in the middle of nowhere and just you know did find something else to do, sell real estate.”

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Baldwin also said that Hutchins remains in his thoughts.

“Everybody adored her as a person,” Baldwin said. “That she died, that’s the worst thing of all. Somebody died, and it was avoidable. It was so unnecessary. Every day of my life I think about that.”

Meanwhile, Baldwin also pointed the finger and the film’s armorer and props manager, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, for live ammunition winding up loaded in a prop gun.

“That was her job. Her job was to look at the ammunition and put in the dummy round or the blank round, and there wasn’t supposed to be any live rounds on the set,” Baldwin said.

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“There are two people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do,” he said, also blaming assistant director David Halls for handing him a gun and telling him it was “cold,” containing only dummy rounds.

“I’m not sitting there saying I want them to, you know, go to prison, or I want their lives to be hell. I don’t want that. But I want everybody to know that those are the two people that are responsible for what happened,” said Baldwin.

“Why didn’t [Gutierrez Reed] check that bullet? Why didn’t Halls obey her?” Baldwin continued. “Why did he give me the gun? Why didn’t he check? Why did he tell the crew [it was a cold gun]?”

Attorneys for Gutierrez-Reed and Halls responded to the interview, telling CNN that Baldwin’s comments represent his attempt to deflect blame after an FBI forensic report determined Baldwin pulled the trigger on the gun, which he’s denied.

“Baldwin is pointing the finger at others because the evidence is pointing at him,” said Lisa Torraco, Halls’ attorney.


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