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The “America’s Got Talent” finale is underway, and the season-17 finale proved to be even more bombastic than usual.

That was certainly the case with the show-stopping performance from Metaphysic, which has been dazzling “AGT” viewers with its AI-created photorealistic deepfake avatars of celebrities.

This time out, Metaphysic pulled out all the stops by bringing out no less than Elvis Presley himself, projected on a giant screen overlooking the stage, causing judge Simon Cowell’s jaw to literally drop.

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After offering a brief introduction, the Elvis avatar broke into a brief rendition of the King’s hit “Hound Dog”.

Then, Elvis was joined by avatars of judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, who sang backup while he crooned, “You walk like an angel / Talk like an angel / But I got wise…”

Suddenly, an avatar of Simon Cowell filled the screen to sing the next line: “You’re a devil in disguise!”

Then, Cowell and Elvis traded verses while Klum and Vergara shimmied along.

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“It was amazing,” said Vergara. “I think it’s so much fun when you came in to the show.

“This the most incredible and original act we’ve ever had on the show,” added Cowell.

The winner of season 17 will be revealed at the end of the grand finale.


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