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Simon Cowell was left stunned in the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent” thanks to the magical moves of contestant Jannick Holste.

In a new early release clip from “AGT”, the 19-year-old from Germany bolts out onto stage in a sequin blazer with enough energy to light up the entire theatre. Holste explains that he’s a dance teacher, a student (studying math) and also a massive Heidi Klum fan. When asked by Cowell what his dream is, Holste replied, “to go around the world and on tour with Heidi!”

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Importantly, Holste did not tell the judges that his act would include magic, so as the performance began, the panel — Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, Klum and Cowell — all look surprised when Holste began setting up props that are unmistakably used in magic acts.

As Holte gets going, Klum’s song “Chai Tea with Heidi” plays, proving that the contestant really does love the multi-hyphenate  supermodel (in case there was any doubt). Holste starts to bust some moves but magic quickly enters the foray as he uses illusion tricks to make back up dances appear seemingly out of thin air.

At the end of his performance, Holste gets a huge ovation from the audience and Cowell is left slack-jawed and stunned, telling the teen that his act was “fantastically good and fantastically bad at the same time.” Of course, Cowell also made sure to deride Klum’s vocal stylings (something she saw coming a mile away).

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Holste got a whopping four yeses from the judges. Holste and his dancers looked particularly flabbergasted when they got the “yes” from Cowell.

Ever a popular category with “AGT” viewers, magic appeared earlier on season 17 of the show when contestant Mervant Vera blended magic with rap music.


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