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Last week, Christian Cage shocked the wrestling world when he turned against his mentee Jungle Boy, who’s real name is Jack Perry.

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star turned on Jungle Boy with a Killswitch move, the Con-Chair-To. During the June 15th episode of AEW “Dynamite”, Cage grabbed two metal chairs, placing one under the young wrestler’s head before slamming the other into his head.

Following Cage’s defeat, Jungle Boy was stretchered to the back while Cage went on to scold Perry’s mother Rachel Sharp at ringside.

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During this week’s June 22 “Dynamite” episode, a segment saw Cage, 48, come down to the ring to deliver a speech about his brutal actions the week before, arguably making matters worse when he brought up Jack’s dead father Luke Perry.

First, Cage told American sports commentator, Tony Schiavone, that he wanted Jungle Boy’s mother to apologize for giving birth to him, which Sharp refused to do.

“Here’s why I think she’s really mad,” Cage said. “I think she saw her knight in shining armour go off into the sunset. I think she was a little sweet on Christian Cage, if you know what I mean. I think she wanted me to be Jungle Boy’s father,” he insinuated Sharp having the hots for him.

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He added that he strongly believes Jungle Boy viewed him as a father figure before directly insulting the young star himself.

“But here’s the thing Jungle Boy. I never wanted to be your father. I never wanted to be your father figure. You have a father, but your father is dead,” Cage slammed. “And that’s probably a good thing Jungle Boy because he would be embarrassed and ashamed to see how you turned out. He would be ashamed to see you curled up like a ball on my feet refusing to get up and fight back.”

Cage wrapped up his speech by claiming Jungle Boy’s career is over and that he’ll be retiring at age 25.

Although it is common for wresting stars to go on hateful, offensive rants as a means of firing up their competitors or setting potential matches, a lot of viewers weren’t too pleased with Cage’s mention of Jack’s late father Luke Perry.

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This March marked the three year anniversary of the late actor’s death. Luke died unexpectedly on March 4, 2019 at age 52 after he suffered a stroke a few days prior.

AEW fans react to Cage’s ruthless mention of Luke on Twitter:



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