By Corey Atad.

Adele has a special connection with her young fans.

On Saturday, the “Hello” singer performed a show at the BST Hyde Park music festival, and at one point she got the crowd going by breaking out a T-shirt cannon.

Adele Blows Away The Audience At Her Hyde Park Concert In London

In a video shared to social media, Adele aimed the cannon, with a T-shirt stuffed with cash, toward a young girl in the crowd.

“She’s on her daddy’s shoulders in the green top,” Adele told the audience. “If it gets near you, be a nice adult and give it to her.”

Indeed, another person caught the T-shirt, and the singer asked, “Are you going to give it to her?”

The person did, in fact, pass it along to the young girl.

“Oh my god they gave it to her!” Adele exclaimed, as the girl was so overcome with emotion and tears that she couldn’t even respond, except by covering her face.

“Go buy something nice for yourself my love,” the singer told the speechless fan.

Adele Stops London Concert Several Times To Help Distressed Fans: ‘Move Out Of The Way’

Immediately afterward, Adele tried to shoot another shirt stuffed with cash far out into the crowd, but the cannon misfired.

To make up for it, Adele had people at the front pass the shirt back to her, and tossed it far out herself, to huge cheers.


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