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Adam Sandler is paying tribute to a beloved family member.

On Thursday, the actor shared the sad news that his wife’s grandmother Monica passed away this week at age 106.

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In an Instagram post featuring photos of Monica through the decades, Sandler wrote, “She was one heck of a great lady. A devoted wife. A wonderful mother. A grandmother that made her grandkids feel love beyond belief. A great grandma of four who absolutely never showed anything but sweetness and joy to them anytime they were together.”

“She was always in a great mood,” he continued. “Always laughing. Always giving. Always ready for a good time. She was in WHO’s Who of American women. An artist (Had a piece in the Parish museum of art in Southampton). A writer. A school teacher. A golfer. A New Yorker. A grand life master at bridge. A sweetheart. What she gave to my wife’s family won’t ever be forgotten. Kindness. Strength. And loyalty. A true good person.”

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Finally, Sandler added, “We had great times with grandma Monica since I met her 24 years ago and she will be terribly missed by us all. Especially my mother in law Lila. Their closeness was one of a kind. Love you grandma gg and thank you for all.”

In the comments, Sandler received condolences, including from friend and director Judd Apatow, who wrote, “Sending love ❤️.”

Sandler and his wife Jackie have been married since 2003 and have two children together.


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