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[Warning: Spoilers. Do not read ahead if you haven’t watched season two of “The White Lotus”.]

“Emily in Paris” star, Samuel Arnold, tried to avoid “The White Lotus” spoilers for as long as he could, that is until one of his co-stars slipped out the show’s shocking ending.

While it may seem like Arnold is talking about Bruno Gouery- given that he stars on both “Emily in Paris” as Emily’s (Lily Collins) co-worker Luc and on “The White Lotus” as one of the gay men attempting to swindle Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya, until he ultimately dies at her hands in a nautical killing spree- he wasn’t the one to let anything slip.

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“He said nothing about the storyline—he didn’t spoil anything,” Arnold, who stars as Emily’s other co-worker  Julien, told E! News about Gouery keeping his lips sealed on all things “White Lotus” while they were filming the third season of “Emily in Paris”. “But Ashley Park came to my room earlier and told me the ending, thinking that I saw it. So I’m a bit upset about that.”

While Arnold wishes Park hadn’t spoiled the ending for him, he’s happy to know that Gouery’s new “White Lotus” co-stars are big fans of “Emily in Paris”.

“People were just loving that [Gouery] was doing ‘Emily in Paris’ and that he was on the set of ‘The White Lotus,’” Arnold told the outlet. “It was great to have an ‘Emily in Paris’ flag wielder on another set, you know? They’re all fans. It just makes us so proud—one of our own.”

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Although Arnold was initially upset to learn the show’s ending without having watched it yet, his actual reaction after Park let it slip was: “I’m here for that!”

“I can’t wait to see him die onscreen. That would be so fun,” he said. “But I wish that I could have discovered it myself.”

The third season of “Emily in Paris” drops next Wednesday, December 21 on Netflix.


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