By Corey Atad.

The next big “America’s Got Talent” stars are literally hanging in there.

In a preview of the new “AGT” season, Argentinian acrobats Flor Aracama and Nico Busso, who go by the name Duo Rings, show off their incredible routine.

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Sharing that they have been together for nine years, and married for more than three years, Flor reveals their professional dream: “To be in Vegas is our goal.”

Given the performance that follows, their goal may soon become a reality.

Starting with some graceful movements on the stage, Flor then grabs hold of rings from the ceiling, and then grabs hold of Nico’s hands as they’re lifted up into the air.

“Look how she’s just holding him,” judge Heidi Klum remarks.

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Duo Rings continue performing a number of eye-popping acrobatic feats, including Flor hanging off of Nico using just their feet.

Finally, they seal it all up with a kiss, getting the audience and even the judges on their feet applauding.


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