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Bella Hadid’s look during Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week show is certainly one for the books.

The model’s dress was spray-painted onto her body right before viewers’ eyes.

Hadid, 25, appeared on the runway wearing next to nothing, except for a pair of underwear and high heels. She covered her breasts while a team of men sprayed multiple layers of a white silicon-like substance onto her figure. Hadid stood still adjusting her arms as a dress shape eventually began to form on her body.

A mid-length garment magically appeared and was quickly altered into its final product when the team of designers cut the dress to create a thigh-high slit — allowing movement for the model — and lowered the sleeves to create a beautifully draped off-the-shoulder look.

The magical moment can be seen below in a video captured by Vogue. 

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Hadid quite literally put on the grande finale of Coperni’s fashion show as the DIY dress was made right before she walked off the runway, closing out the event.

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The Parisian ready-to-wear and accessories brand is known for their eccentric styles. In April, they went viral for their hand-blown glass purse which was carried by Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Doja Cat. Coperni is also the genius behind the viral denim jean boots.

Fans reacted online to the “truly iconic” design, as per one user’s comment.

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