Motorcycle pants are essential gear among the motorcycle riding equipment. Too often, many riders find themselves in bed for weeks after going through a terrible road rash. What difference does it make between the riders preparing for their next ride and the one sitting on a couch affected by road rash? Well, the answer is motorcycle pants. Motorcycle pants for women have come a long way from a heavy bubble wrap to leather hot pants. Now, the motorbike pants come in various materials and styles that leave no excuse to eliminate buying one. Choosing a daily outfit is stressful, and when it is about choosing an outfit for motorcycle riding, it becomes even more challenging. You will need motorcycle pants which are comfortable and suitable for activities apart from riding the motorcycle. Let us discuss how you can select the best women’s motorcycle pants to match your requirements.

Best Women’s Motorcycle Pants – Reviews

After extensive research, we have come across the best four women’s motorcycle pants that will provide sufficient protection and will work for any occasion.

1. Women’s Stella Andes Motorcycle Riding Pant

Loaded with features and packed with
protection, Alpinestars Women’s Stella Andes Motorcycle Riding Pants has beaten
the motorcycle pants industry. The stylish textile pants, along with the
exceptional features, makes it worth the price.

Constructed with advanced reinforced
poly-fabric textile, the motorcycle pants offer high degrees of abrasion
resistance. Moreover, the pants come with pre-contoured leg construction that
puts a minimum strain on your knee and provides a smooth riding experience for
long hours.

With Alpinestars DRYSTAR construction, the
pants can handle and perform efficiently in all weather. Moreover, the
removable thermal liner offers superior comfort during cold and hot days.

Lastly, the pants come with direct ventilation
vents, which are positioned strategically on the thighs. You can close and open
the vents according to the weather. Additionally, the pants are equipped with
CE rated removable knee protection. 


  • Waterproof
  • High
    level of abrasive resistance
  • Pre-contoured
    leg construction
  • Ideal
    for all-weather conditions


2. Oxford Super Leggings

Leggings are usually more comfortable in
comparison to jeans. Oxford Super Legging has taken comfort to another level by
adding style and safety to the motorcycle pants.

With Aramid lining, the legging offers
excellent protection. This offers incredible abrasive resistance along with CE
level 2 knee protectors. They also include the hip protector pockets for hip
protection. The Oxford Super Leggings, as the name suggests, have included an
incredible amount of safety features.

The leggings are so thin that you can
comfortably wear them under your regular clothing. The legging would feel
smooth and soft on your skin. Moreover, they are exceptionally durable.


  • Hip
    protector pockets
  • Available
    in a wide selection of size and lengths
  • Flag
    stitching on belt loops for more safety
  • Quality
    materials and construction


3. Alpinestars Women’s Daisy Denim Motorcycle Riding Pant

There is nothing more satisfying than to buy a
pair of jeans which gives you a fantastic fit and remains comfortable. Designed
to guarantee an urban styled slim-fitting look, it flatters and complements the
female physique.

The 13-ounce denim construction is considerable
and comfortable to go for long distances. Additionally, the blend of 2%
elastane and 98% cotton provides an excellent stretch. The jeans have a cut on
the mid-weight, which does not let you feel too skinny.

These are not regular jeans but riding jeans.
Therefore, they offer serious protection while riding. The jeans have
CE-certified knee protection that fits well in internal pockets. The snug
pockets help to keep the pads in place while you straighten up or bend.

In the situation of accidents, the Alpinestars
Daisy Denim jeans are accompanied with aramid fiber reinforcement at hips,
knees, and seat. This provides ultimate protection in critical areas. 


  • Long-lasting
    and comfortable fit
  • Leather
    logos and leather patch on front
  • Pre-shaped
    leg construction for a female riding position
  • Resistance
    to tear and abrasion


  • The aramid is lined in a few critical areas.

4. Joe Rocket Ballistic Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants

Comes with
serious protection and versatility of motorcycle pants, Joe Rocket Ballistic
Women’s motorcycle pants are worth considering. The protection level of the
pants is incredible as it can survive a crash.

Each woman would
like a pair of motorcycle pants which they can wear on any occasion. The
motorcycle pants are designed, keeping in mind the requirements of women. The
pants are waterproof, and the waterproof lining can be removed during summers.

In terms of
protection, the pants come with CE-certified height-adjustable knee protectors.
They also include a removable hip padding for added security. The material is
highly durable, the fabric on the lower leg is heat resistant, and the exterior
fabric is made from heavy-duty nylon.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Customized
    fit and height
  • Removable
    liners and padding
  • Eight
    Zipper for jacket attachment


  • Not suitable for hot summer days

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Women’s Motorcycle Pants

Before you search in the market, you need to
look out for motorcycle pants’ essential features. This will help you to decide
which motorcycle pants are perfect for your adventure.

Type Of Riding

While looking for motorcycle pants, you should
consider what type of riding you will be doing. It will help you to identify
the level of protection you would require.

The daily commuters can look for comfortable
options where they can conveniently move and walk all day. In this case,
regular pants might do the work.

Those who love to go motorcycle riding
occasionally might prefer comfort over style. For that, you should look for
pants with protection like knee and breathable hip inserts. Also, they must be
equipped with vents.

When it comes to the racers, protection should
be the top priority. While racing, you need to follow the specific area’s
rules, such as some areas prefer leather gear while others will not allow you
to race without a suit. Make sure to check the rules of the area before
purchasing the motorcycle pants.


Motorcycle Pants come in different materials,
and each material has its unique features.


It is a synthetic fiber that is lined inside
the leggings or jeans. They are heat-resistant, meaning they will prevent the
fabric from melting. 


Denim is a commonly used fabric in jeans. It is
usually thick and offers a low-level of abrasion resistance.


Kelvar is a unique synthetic fiber equipped
with high tensile strength. Moreover, it is lightweight.


Gore-Tex is the well-known breathable
waterproof lining for its use in all-weather riding gear.


You can find four popular motorcycle pants,
including leggings, jeans, Textile, and Leather. All have their advantages and
disadvantage, but you need to decide which style meets your riding style.


Textiles are a heavy-duty option for motorcycle
riding gear. They are affordable and offer more customizable options to add
protection, waterproof layers, and linings. They are breathable and can be
washed normally.


Leather is naturally abrasion-resistant, which
means you do not need to replace it after a crash. Leather offers a superior
fit once you break-in, which is not available in other materials.  


Motorcycle jeans come in several varieties that
appeal to your style and comfort. Jeans are more discreet in comparison to
textiles and leather. Also, they are more comfortable to ride and walk-in.


Leggings are similar to jeans in terms of
styling and to offer a fashionable look. However, leggings provide more comfort
while riding and walking than jeans.


Motorcycle pants for women are in high demand as more and more women are coming forward to join the race. Now, the motorcycle is not only meant for men, but women can also efficiently ride a motorcycle. But, safety is first. To find the best motorcycle pants for women, you need to do thorough research. However, we have already done that task for you. You can select the motorcycle pants from our reviewed products that resemble your idea of fit, style, comfort, and protection. 


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