Here is the salary schedule that was in place for the 2020-2021 school year and was in place at the beginning of this last school year until the NCGA FINALLY passed a new budget:

For those who are not teachers, make sure to pay attention to years 15-24.


10 years of the same.

There is no longevity pay during these years as well.

Someone who has been teaching for 24 years makes the same as someone who has been teaching for 15.

Amounts toward retirement will be the same.

Oh, but did we not pass a new budget with raises just this past school year?

Not much of a raise in a year of rapid inflation.


If anyone in Raleigh cares to explain how those 10 frozen years of pay is supposed to attract teachers to the profession, then speak up. But it looks blatantly like a ploy to keep people from being career educators.


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